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The Country Club exists to divert its members by recording and comparing members’ travels. There are 194 UN Member States/Official Observor, and we are trying to visit them all. Check our progress on the Club Ladder, to the right, or by clicking the link for the List of Countries Visited below that. Curious how we count? Click The Country Club By-Laws link.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Two Alarm Chile and More

Mr W and Ms v/H have visited Chile, Ms v/H continued on to Uruguay, and Mr K inches forward

Mr W, visiting in September, writes:

I'm pleased to report a new country visit to Chile, where I did the needful with a lovely carmenere, among other things. Santiago's modern skyline with the dramatic backdrop of snow covered mountains is striking and well worth a visit.



[Sec'ys note: This is Mr W's 78th Country Visit, and he is now tied with Mr Brady].

Ms v/H, returning to Washington, DC, right now, sent evidence of visits to Chile and Uruguay.  This is her 63rd and 64th country visits, putting her one ahead of Mr K, who reports:

I’m embarrassed to add one more country to my modest total. I have finally visited Portugal. I had two fine dinners with suitable wines in Evora. At this rate I will be 250 years old when i visit my 193rd or 198th country.

Mr K

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Kingdom's Inner and Secret Parts

Mr Secretary,

Regards from No.117 - SAUDI ARABIA !

Really an unusual place, but I am having a good time here.
It took me a week until consuming finally an alcoholic beverage
yesterday evening - not a requirement, I guess, for a country
in which alcohol is strictly prohibited, but desirable nevertheless:
delicious home-brewed beer! Brewing stuff is a typical pastime
here for expats, as it appears, but only within the very inner
and secret parts of the compounds where foreigners live...

All the best, a bientot,

Mr v/d Z

Monday, September 28, 2015

198 Countries

Dear Members,

Should we modify our denominator?  

Consider that of Gunnar Garfors, a self-styled Hobby Traveler, who claims he is the youngest in that category to have visited all the countries in the world:


Our fine club has, as its denominator, 194 countries.  The 193 UN Member Countries, plus the Vatican.  Mr Garfors counts 198 countries, as follows.

"There are 193 UN member countries  in the world. I count all of them. 
There are 2 UN observers. I count both the Vatican and Palestine. 
3 additional countries are recognized by a fair number of the 195 above. I therefore also count Kosovo, Western Sahara and Taiwan."

Worth considering.  Our by-laws can be amended through approval of two of our three Governors, 

Yr Sec'y -s
By the way, Mr Garfors counts a country visit as:

"I must have done something there and have a story to tell. It isn't necessary to stay overnight, but I have to leave the airport or train/bus station. To merely step across the border doesn't count."

A photo of him on Cape Verde, celebrating 198 countries at the age of 37.  

Friday, August 14, 2015

Euro Micro State Tour

Yr Sec'y visited three European micro states:  Andorra, San Marino, and Liechtenstein.  Local reds qualified in the first two, and a hummingbird Campari sip made do in the latter given the noonish and motorcyclish visit.  Andorra, a ski-resort and UN Member State, was country 100.  Vrrooomm, -s

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The opposite of a cocktail

Ms CH reports: "I keep asking for a trip to Minsk or Almaty for my birthday to get a good new country but alas hasn't materialised as yet. I did go to new countries of Portugal (drinking sherry) and Finland (drinking 'moose piss' which like a bullshot consume and vodka) but have been delinquent to register."

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Polka-Dot Jersey

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I read Heer.Prof.Dr. van der Zwaan's recent account open mouthed. I am in
awe. My flabber completely gasted. This surely is the moment of significance
in the Gross Corporal Happiness of our humble club of travellers' tales.
Raising the bar on raising a glass. 

Taking into account also other recent posts, and given that a century is now
approaching the fearfully common place, perhaps we are on the cusp of a new
- dare I say elite - sub-category of
negades'? The annual polka-dot 'king of the mountains' jersey perhaps, of
our Tour du Monde caravan.

Cheers and to your good health from Beirut, ma'bruk to Bob,


P.S. My own recent additions I then duly submit as only a footnote: Antigua,
Nevis and Kitts, Lebanon. 

The ballistics of his stratospheric achievements stretch the imagination. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Res Ipsa Loquitur 2

Dear Country Clubbers

I dutifully wish to report my recent visits to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The photos of me holding a  Nkoyi beer while eating maboke de capitaine (ready-to-eat peppered fish baked in banana leaves) were taken sur le bord de la fleuve massif - Congo.  The other snap gives you an idea of the range of tasty, and strong, brews to choose from in this Ex-Belgian colony (an unfortunate brand name though). My Congolese adventure included a short excursion to the southern city of Lubumbashi. A very calm and prosperous place (thanks to heavy mineral extraction activities), in stark contrast to the Kinshasa madness. 

My country count now comes to 78. Watch out Mr. Duncan, nipping at your heals. 

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Mr vdZ sent in the below from Bhutan, his 116th country.  

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Miller Time

Dear Members,

Mr v/d Z went over the border from Brazil to Paraguay at Iguazu and, while sipping an implausibly bottled "Genuine Draft" got his 115th country.  He is now 12 in front of Mr Hovig and he still looks fresh -- expect more!

Mr Clancy crept up to within one of our beloved founder and governor, Mr Greeley, with a visit to Ecuador -- his 90th country.

Ms vH and yr sec'y celebrated 25 happy years together in Mauritius, bringing our numbers of countries golfed (a sub table of our fine club) to 15 and 20 countries, respectively. 

VTY, yr sec'y  -s

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Not a Google Photo

Mr Secretary

Many thanks for your multiple club updates.  They prodded me to report my recent visit to India. Despite my 3-year sojourn in Pakistan, this was my first visit to India where I did the needful w a Kingfisher.  Photo (not from Google) attached. 

Mr W

Low Hanging Fruit Cocktails

Dear Mr. Secretary,

Greetings from St Vincent and the Grenadines! The beer is cold, the water warm and the hospitality just right, chillin’

I have to confess to having been a bit lax in updates recently. For which my most humble apologies. Contrary to perhaps appearances I have not just been putting on a cheeky spurt, but I have bagged a small brace over the last 12 months:
-          Uganda
-          Tanzania
-          Kenya
-          Vietnam 
-          St Vincent

Which I believe brings me to 69? And one more trip to the Caribbean later this year with maybe a chance of a few more low hanging fruit cocktails. The shirt-jack is pressed, and being thoroughly modern no tie is required, so I am just off to the yacht club to see what the options are for perhaps another little spurt later in the year.

With my warm regards to you and your very charming better half as always.


[Sec'y's note:  Mr Rhodes had previously reported Tanzania and his total stands at 66].

Lima Larco

Mr. Secretary,

I'm pleased to report a new country visit in Peru. Lima is a lovely
city that I highly recommend to all club members.  While there, don't
miss the Larco Museum (http://www.museolarco.org/), which has a
breathtakingly good collection of pre-Columbian artifacts as well as
lovely gardens and restaurant.
I did the needful in Peru in many ways, with pisco, pino gris, campari and etc.

Off to another new country next week, but will save that for a separate mail.

Mr W

Mr C gets very high

Thanks Mr. Secretary. 

Since then:  a trip to Honduras and a trip to Lethoso.

So the new total is 89.  

With deep regards,

Mr. C 

Mr. Secretary:

Further to my last communication, I am happy to report that my new total has risen to 87….with a ground breaking visit to a new region for me….a trip to the UAE.   Attached please find photgraphic evidence of this trip….a view from the Burg Kalifa, 148 stories up.

Lest you think that I used taxpayer dollars to finance such foolishness…..let me remind you that all costs associated with the visit to the building were paid by myself.  

Next week, I am off to Honduras, filling a long standing hole in my Central American visit record.   I shall report that when the time comes.

Your truly,

Mr C

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Whiteman in Patna

(Sec'ys note -- Mr N's List already included South Sudan, so the China visit moves him to 75 Countries and tied with Mr W.  

Mr Secretary,

I have been to South Sudan and China since my last update.  No pictures to prove these visits, but I can assure you that I did drink in each of these locations (especially in Juba!).
Thanks for moving me up the list, and I think above Mr. Warshauer and just behind Mr. Brady.
Mr N

let me add a recent photo from Patna India, which is an oft-visited country on my list...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mr H Finds His Mojo

Inspired by Mr C's spreadsheet audit, and motivated by our esteemed secretary nipping at my heels, I looked at my own spreadsheets.  I have not posted a blog or new country in years, and fear that I may be losing my traveling mojo.  Or I'm in groundhog's day, visiting the same places over and over again.  

To my delight, and chagrin, I found 2 missing visits -- Finland and Lesotho.  I visited Finland when I was still begging for money.  Vodkas were had.  I visited Lesotho for a day last year, when I was checking (edited -- something work-y). I fear I was only there for a day, arriving early AM, and leaving at cocktail hour.  Hopefully, the beer I quaffed while running to catch my plane in the Lesotho airport gets this trip across the country club qualifying threshold.  

After reaching the century mark a few years ago, my country numbers have largely stagnated.  I need to get creative, or risk a continued stall on the club ladder.....

Tres Cervezas Por Favor

Mr Secretary,

Hope you are well and you and Ms van H had a fun trip to PANAMA!

My trip to ECUADOR was great: customs were cleared of course, and alcoholic beverages consumed
in the form of cervezas pequenas y grandes, micheladas and mojitos. A beautiful place! And, although
no concrete country-plans for next year yet, I am determined to break even with Hillary's achievement as 
Secretary of State (116).


Mr v/d Z

Sec'y's note -- Ms van H and yours truly did indeed travel to Panama in December, sipping many things Chilean to make the visit qualifying.  

Mr E Goes to Sri Lobster!

Mr. Secretary,
After several years of repeat visits to far flung places like Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa and Kenya,
per attached evidence, I am pleased to report a first visit to Sri Lanka where Lion Lager, red wine, Talisker and some serious prawns - more like lobsters - were consumed ...
Alas, a 27th country to the subset of Golfing Country Visits was prevented by torrential rain, and so I remain on 26, still leading Mr. Chapman by 8 and where are the rest of you ....? Criteria are simple - did you play there or not (and have a beverage of appropriate type afterwards)! Spreadsheet attached for your consideration (ed note -- attached under the List of Countries Visited).

Mr. Earle ... they call me Speedoo but my real name is ...

Mr C: 5 Steps Forward and 2 Steps Back

Dear Mr. Secretary:

I have gone through the "countries visited" spreadsheet and humbly offer the following corrections and additions:

1.  In the Pacific Ocean spreadsheet, you will notice that the cell assigned to "percent" under my column is not working.  Kindly attend to this.

2. Unlike what I assume is the case with other members, scoundrels that they be, when I reviewed this spreadsheet I took the care to identify countries listed as "visited" yet I have no clear recollection of such.  Surely these mistakes are connected to the office of the Secretary.   Thus, kindly delete Peru and Turkmenistan from my list of countries.

3.  To the contrary, tho, I am proud to add the following countries:   Columbia, Paraguay, Portugal, South Sudan and most recently, Pakistan.  Although photographic evidence of such visits is lacking, I invite you to contact the PSI Country Representatives in said countries for proof.   Many, months and even years later, are still reeling from these visits and would be glad to recount as necessary the details of such.

In sum, then, Mr Secretary (assuming I can trust your spreadsheet veracity as to beginning balance):

Beginning Balance: 83
Additions:                  5
Sub total                   88
Deletions                  2
Total                         86

It is my sincere hope to keep Mr. Earle at bay.

With regards,


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haiti execution

Mr WW wrote today with the following:

"I write to let you know of a new country visit (no independence referendum required).  I visited Haiti earlier this week and did the needful with a Prestige beer.    My strategy to join a company with operations in 9 countries not on my list is beginning to bear fruit.....

Below is photographic evidence from the lovely central plateau region. "

Friday, August 8, 2014

v/d Z consumes Tigre

Hey Sec'y,

Vietnam was great, both Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, and of course I consumed the local Tigre and Hanoi beer…



v/d Z

Friday, July 11, 2014

Morning Buds & v/d Z apparently consumes fermented yak milk

Mr W reports:

Mr. Secretary: After an exceedingly long drought, I'm pleased to announce a new country visit to South Korea. I did the needful with a Budweiser at (AM. I am neither in the habit of drinking Budweiser, nor generally beer of any type at 9AM, but cicrumstances and the Club Rules dictated. Happily, I anticipate some new visits, as I have taken a new job. While I am unclear what exactly this company does, I do know that they have offices in 30 countries, including 7 countries I have not yet visited. Tally Ho!

Mr v/d Z reports
I had a great time in Ulan Bator, MONGOLIA, where of course I consumed the usual alcoholic beverages.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Number 111

Mr v/d Z reports that he is currently in Cartagena, Colombia, his 111th country, consuming as one must and does.  This is the first country club visit this year for any of our fine members.  Not slowing down, are we?

Mr Brady total on the club ladder was adjusted upward by one to 77 to equal his total on the List of Countries Visited.

yr sec'y.  -s

Monday, December 23, 2013

Three Members, Three Continents

Mr Negus reported a November visit to Burma and Messrs v/d Z and B report visits in South America and Africa below.  

Mr v/d Z reports:

The good news: I managed to combine my workshop in Bariloche, ARGENTINA, with a weekend Andes cross-over into CHILI, both in which local wines were consumed. And to top the itinerary, I complemented last weekend in Buenos Aires - what a great town, perhaps in my top three worldwide - with a day's ferry return to Colonia, URUGUAY, which I remembered you having told about as interesting TCC option a decade ago. In other words: I keep on the speed... 110!

Mr B reports

Dear fellow Country Clubbers

Alas after a long hiatus I spent a few weeks in Cameroon this October – the first time for me in West/Central Africa.  I am happy that my work was focused on supporting PSI - based in Yaounde.  A few days trying to get around in Douala was more than enough (Douala has a “mini Lagos” reputation).

As per my escapist tendencies, and the rules of this venerable club, Various drinks were consumed – including palm wine!

Although given the humid climate, I ended most days sampling a wide range of beers.  Cameroon has one of the most diverse selections of beer in Africa. Les Sociétés Anonymes des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC or BC) is the main brewer, with an interesting ownership profile. Les Brasseries et Glaceries d'Indochine (BGI) owns a 75% shareHeineken 8.8% and of course Cameroon's president, Paul Biya’s hand is in this profitable business. Les Brasseries brews, bottles, and distributes: "33" Export, Beaufort, Castel, and Tuborg, as well as three beers from De Hooiberg (The Haystack): AmstelHeineken andMützig.

I hope to hear about more global exploration from all of you in the coming year

 - All the best


A Long Way from Lilongwe

Mr Secretary

Proof from David Greeley of imbibing in an alcoholic beverage in rural Malawi, a new country for our beloved Founder.  Says our exalted leader "It's a LONG WAY from Lilongwe"

David Greeley

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zim, Zam, Zoom!

Dear Mr Secretary,

Greetings from the bottom rung!  

I would like to confirm travel to Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Here are photos of my dive into Devil’s Pond, Vic Falls, Livingstone, and myself with the boyz at The Big Tree (a habitual meeting place for Mr Livingstone and his buddies) on the Zimbabwe side of the Falls. This brings my total to 45 countries visited.  

I remain swinging happily from the bottom rung.
Ms Ridley

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Members,

It is with regret that we have received notice of the death, after a long illness, of Mr Sempliner on 16 August 2013.  

Mr Sempliner was elected in 2004, entering the List at 45 countries.  He immediately protested the absence of a definite article in the names of many countries.  Some of his recommendations were easy on the modern ear, such as The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.  Others, such as The Lebanon and The Argentine, less so.  Much Club conversation and deliberation ensued and today our fine list holds several parenthetical references in a nod to Mr Sempliner's preferences.

Mr Sempliner visited nine countries during his membership, namely Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya and The Philippines.  His missive, from Peking (his word), in 2011, requesting the recording of a visit to China, was rejected as redundant based on pre-1999 visits to Hong Kong and Macau.  He replied that there was some satisfaction having gone to the "heart of the beast."

Mr Sempliner, ever competitive in the great traditions of our club, was uncomfortable at the lower end of our The Club Ladder and made the suggestion in 2010 that the By-Laws be amended to narrow the criteria for a country visited to a visit done and a drink had without subsidy from one's employer.  Less Club conversation and deliberation ensued and the proposed amendment was rejected.  

Mr Sempliner made mention in the Club's proceedings in 2011 of his presence in Tokyo Narita during the earthquake that resulted in a tsunami and Mr Sempliner spending a night sleeping in a terminal "for the first time in many years."  

Mr Sempliner was a close confident of many in the Club, particularly Messrs C and D, and Ms v/H.   One of my dearest memories will be playing golf with him in The Democratic Republic of the Congo during his visit there.  Other memories from members welcome.

Mr Sempliner will rest in peace at 18th on the Club Ladder and 54 Countries Visited.  

With sadness, yr sec'y. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mr P announces visits to Haiti, Oman, Qatar and UAE -- up to 68 countries.  

Close observers of these proceedings may have noticed that none has appeared for the past 15 months.  That says more about your secretary than the peripatetic members.  Countries have been visited!  Apologies to members whose travel may not be recorded here; a quick review of the List, always merited, will both confirm its completeness and inspire movement.

Our founder and beloved chairman visited Uganda, Governor D Switzerland, Ms v H Russia, Mr B Bangladesh and yrs truly Angola, Colombia and Peru.
Mr v/d Z visited Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe Zambia, Qatar, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Uganda, rocketing into first place, with 105 countries, past our leader for the past decade, Mr H., who remains at 101.  :-)

VTY, yr sec'y.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Guinness Will Leave St James Gate Brewery in 10760

Mr Secretary, 

I just returned from a tour of the Guinness brewery in Dublin, which is subject to a 9000 year lease by Arthur Guinness.  We had the obligatory tasting session and enjoyed the fab view from the brewery's top floor. The black beer smells nice and hoppy but, in the end after a taste, I preferered the French sauvignon blanc to toast to the new country. 


Ms v/H

[From Wikipedia: Arthur Guinness started brewing ales from 1759 at the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin. On 31 December 1759 he signed (up to) a 9,000 year lease at £45 per annum for the unused brewery.]

Sunday, April 1, 2012

v/d Z flies to top from down under

Mr Sec'y,

The Climate Change review panel tour returned to Auckland Sunday morning. We visited the Marshall Islands (serious vulnerability), Fiji, Micronesia, Tonga, Kiribati and Western Samoa. Mostly hotel drinks -- I'll send the details when I can. Guess the club can celebrate its 10th anniversary this year with a new leader. Looks like I may get a bunch more a year from today -- conference is in the Caribbean.

[Sec'y's note: Mr v/d Z, at 102 countries, now stands on top of the List of Countries Visited].

Monday, March 19, 2012

v/d Z consumes anchor

Mr v/d Z wrote "anchor and pinot noir were consumed in Malaysia and New Zealand!"

Rien de Mali

Yr sec'y met Mr Brady in Bamako. Photos were taken (as was merlot), but sadly are not yet in our possession!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr G Climbs

Mr G is on the climb -- country number 62, Ethiopia, and a tie with Mr K.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mr B @ Work

Just completed a 4 day sejour on the Bahamas. I assure you – this required dedicating myself 24/7 to schmooze a range of donors. In any event it puts me at 76 countries, still 5 countries behind the very worldly Mr. Earle. As you can imagine it was tough putting on shoes and a jacket while staying at the Vegasesque Atlantis resort on Paradise Island (along with 2,500 other Caribbean HIV conference attendees). Here you see me here sipping a tasty Kalik Gold lager (doing the needful), and munching on a conch salad. The Bahamas stand apart from many of its Caribbean brethren in terms of its successful offshore banking and general cleanliness. Amazing that within this orderly environment more than 3% of the adult population is living with HIV (mainly due to the extremely large Haitian migrant workforce).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Peace Building Movement

After a bit of break I am back on the road and looking for points. Next week I will be in Ethiopia for some low hanging fruit, but this week a slightly more prickly pear to pluck, North Sudan. In fact I was here a few weeks ago, and to my shame, not appreciating local customs fully, I failed to meet all club requirements. However, a second bite of the prickly pear and I was better prepared; with exceptionally strong (and rule compliant) mouth-wash especially imported from Loretto, Kentucky. A hard earned point but I believe but a point all the same.

Attached, also find a photo of an amusing sign I happened to see hanging discretely above the gents (or rather the "The Peace Building Toilet") in the office of a UN agency I happened to visit (and obviously won’t mention to avoid unnecessary embarrassment). But I must say, when I whipped out my iPhone to take a snap, I got a very dirty look from an earnest looking young women in the impeccably tasteful, global-and-yet-oh-so-ethnic-and-at-one-with-the-downtrodden-at-the-same-time, ‘neck ornament’ - but hang em’; A couple of us thought it was very funny. And if you can’t laugh at a bit of toilet humor...

So I wish all club members, peace-building movements, wherever their destination.



Monday, November 7, 2011

The World's Newest Country

Greetings from Juba in South Sudan, the world's newest country. Tonight I did the needful with the locally brewed "White Bull" beer while dining on the banks of the Nile. To be confirmed by our secretary, but I believe this moves me from 9th place to a tie at 8th with Mr. Negus. I only regret that delayed permits prevented me from visiting Khartoum on this same trip and making it a two-fer. Next time......

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dar es Salaam Chapter Meeting

Messrs Karam, Earle and Chapman, with Special Guests, Messrs Manchester and Crapper, combined Club business with queries relating to Another Club such as "what was the name of our first representative in Eritrea?" [Mr Earle retrieved the answer in a mere a 48 hours; by that standard, I'm sure the rest of us would have come up with an answer by the end of the year]. All conversations concluded with a tale of our Dear Founder in the early 90s. Odd that. Mr Earle noted concern that some members appear to be actually trying to visit countries. Firm denials were issued all around.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

3G = Ghana, Golf and Goats

Mr Secretary,

After a fine game of golf at the Celebrity Golf Club in Accra Ghana today, there
ensued a discussion on whether the course was to be qualified as a goat track
or not. The participants in the earlier match between Ghana and China did not
seem to be occupied too much with this issue, nor was I as my golf partner
and I had won the game by the time we Teed off the 16th hole. The cool Star
beer afterwards helped settle the issue, the caddies received a nice tip and
we all agreed that, as nobody had lost a ball in the lagoon nor was anyone
bitten by a viper, plus that the scorecards were sponsored by Porsche, the
course was not quite a goat track. With that, I humbly report my visit to a
new country. MvH

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bob Sahib @ One Tuna Beach

Mr Secretary,
Lovely Lion Lager on the Beach of Unawatuna, Sri Lanka! You would love it here even more than India - colonial and clubby for sure, yet cleaner, fewer touts, and dynamism post civil war! Bob v/d Z

Sunday, August 7, 2011

VDZ: Ain't No C2H6O Where He's Gone

Mr Secretary,

I am writing to report that I visited KUWAIT (new country) en route back from South Korea (not new). Painfully, I searched for two days the entire city, and every corner of every single mall in this town, but I can assure you: there ain’t any C2H6O in that country. Thank you for having confirmed that this is indeed a visited country according to Article 3.1.

Bob vdZ

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Washington Chapter Meeting

[Mr Sempliner's absence being noted, a quorum was present]

Katrinka writes:

With Malcolm D-nald as our beloved benchmark -- I'd say we all look prettttty darn good, quoi. Will, shabash on hosting in your beautiful home; Andrew, great to have u back in town, and a good excuse for a gathering, Steve, thanks for the ride, country club stories and chocolate motorcycle, Peter, a real treat to get you to stay up past your bedtime and good on you for keeping PSI en forme, quoi. And Daveed -- always a delight to catch up with you; we promise to visit u at your air-conditioned digs at Walter Reed. As for jobs -- I hear there might be an opening as CD for PNG...

Love you guys,

Our founder writes:

Great picture, great time, great summary, and maybe worth inclusion in the notes for the Country Club as an ad hoc Membership get together, even though no drinks were visibly noticeable in the picture.

If anyone needs to reach me tonight, you can find me in one of DC's cooling shelters, I think near the Armory


1. The Chapter had a lively conversation about The Good Old Days, which none could clearly remember.

2. We drifted in and out of a largely substance free discussion concerning Article 3.4 of Our By-Laws, with our Founder concluding, in a nod to revisionism, that it made no sense. Here is the Article in question:

"3.4 A Visited Country that, subsequent to the qualifying visit, splits into two or more countries, can only be counted as a single Visited Country. The Member will elect which of the issuing countries shall be recorded as a Visited Country."

3. The Chapter gave the highest of praise to the gracious hosting and culinary skills of our dearest member, Mr W!!

VTY, yr sec'y

Friday, July 15, 2011

Two for None

Our newest member, Mr PC, visits two countries, frugally.

Excuse my informality, and certainly this incorrect method of notification. But I hereby and boldly lay claim to my 82nd and 83rd countries respectively: Papua New Guinea and Australia. The latter having been visited in full conformance with the appropriate by laws of this fine club, yet without having secured in advance the absolutely necessary visa. The ensuing difficulties at the border form the stuff of legends, yet I will spare you the details in this missive, knowing full well as I do that official club communication protocol requires that members relate such details only while suitably armed with liquid refreshment of the type normally served in such establishments where the purpose of dialogue speaks to the higher and more, shall we say, refined principles of communication.

As to photographic proofs of my exploits, as have been submitted by some of our esteemed membership in similar circumstances, I can only plead that my usual personal staff were not in my company, and thus the necessary assistance was not available to record these events on any media, whether that be using my habitual chemical plates, or using the latest technology, which I take as being some sort of photographic film. Yet I would only be too happy to show you my passport, which indeed does bear the markings of the official border entries and sorties affixed by the appropriate authorities in the performances of their duties. As to whether I consumed liquid refreshment during these visits of the type that is normally reserved for gentlemen such as I, I trust that my reputation well precedes me and I beg your forbearance in lieu of any sort of formal evidence to same. I would, however, be only too glad to provide references as it seems that I need to settle some accounts with the various establishments visited in the course of my travels, as I was unaccountably short of the local currencies, and I had promised to wire the appropriate remittances upon my return.

I remain, Sir, in your debt, and I look forward to your speedy confirmation of my exploits, secure in the knowledge that I am fully and irrevocably in possession of 4th place, absent any dubious claims by Mr. Earle.

South Sudan Becomes 193rd UN Member State; Club Denominator Changes to 194


South Sudan Becomes 193rd Member of United Nations

Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 9:15 am UTC
Posted 3 minutes ago

The national flag of newly independent South Sudan has been raised outside the United Nations after becoming the world body's 193rd member on Thursday.

Hundreds of diplomats gathered outside U.N. headquarters in New York to see the flag being raised for the first time after the U.N. General Assembly admitted the country by acclamation.

On Friday, a U.N. telecommunication agency made another gesture in recognition of South Sudan's landmark independence.

The International Telecommunication Union assigned South Sudan a 211 dialing code at the country's request.

The number symbolizes the year South Sudan became its own country after approving a referendum in January.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has praised Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir and South Sudan's President Salva Kiir for ensuring that the south's referendum for independence and its results were honored. He said the north and south share a common destiny and must see a future as true partners, not rivals.

The world's newest nation declared independence on Saturday, splitting from Sudan. The two sides fought a bloody 21-year civil war that ended in 2005.

The now neighboring countries are still trying to work out disputes over borders and oil revenue. The Ethiopian government says it has started deploying troops to the disputed Abyei region this week. The U.N. Security Council recently authorized deployment of a 4,200 strong-Ethiopian peacekeeping force to monitor the situation there.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just One More Thing...

Mr. Secretary,

Colombo. Wasn’t there a 70’s TV detective by (almost) the same name? If so, he’d doubtless be able to put me at the Taj Hotel in Colombo in the attached photo. But he’d probably have known that that glass I’m holding isn’t really an alcoholic beverage. Nor is it a purple Japanese fighting fish. It’s just the floral decoration from table where I’m sitting. You couldn’t get a drink on the day that picture was taken because of the full-moon festival. Luckily for me, I’d taken a Lion beer in my hotel room the night before.

Mr B

Viva CdW!

Mr Secretary,

It is with great pleasure that at long last I share new country news.

Revolution! I have broken away from the dictatorship of travel to already visited countries and at long last conquer my 63rd country - Cuba. What better liberation can there be than the land of rum, sugar cane, 1950ies Buicks, Che and Castro with its infectious music, warm hearted people and beautiful countryside. Needless to say, libation of Cristal beer and mojitos accompanied our visit. May country number 64 be not far away and just as fun.

With much respect and salutations to you, Mr. Secretary, and all my fellow club members.

Caryn de Walden

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bonne Anniversaire!

Mr. Secretary,

Ms. Ridley and I report a first visit for us both to Morocco – we went for an early celebration of the 25th anniversary of an event which 3 other of our esteemed members attended: our wedding! [sec'y's note: those would be our Honorary Past President, Mr Hovig, Mr Brady and yrs truly].

In fulfillment of article 3.1 we sampled local beer, Flag, wine, see attached as well as numerous G&Ts as we explored the medina in Marrekech and the rugged Atlas mountains.


Yours faithfully,

Duncan & Robin